Protective Spectacles

Protective Spectacles

Industrial Safety Spectacles

Glasses. … Protective Spectacles provide eye protection against flying debris for construction workers or lab technicians; these glasses may have protection for the sides of the eyes as well as in the lenses. Some types of safety glasses are used to protect against visible and near-visible light or radiation.

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Protective Spectacles  can be used by anyone. Depending on the requirement of the user, safety glasses can have varied lenses such as, clear, bifocal, anti-fog, tinted, indoor/outdoor lens, polarized, shooting, men’s or women’s, low light eyewear, filtered and changeable. All safety glasses shield the eyes from hazards. Such hazards may arise from.

  • Flying solid debris
  • Liquid chemical splashes
  • Impact from moving machineries
  • Heat, sparks and intense lights during welding and metal cutting etc.

Safety glasses frames are made of nylon and they usually have side shields to protect flying materials entering into the eyes from the sides. Since nothing can replace an eye, it is of immense importance to protect the eyes by using safety glasses at work where there are potential threats to eyes.

There are many different kinds of safety glasses  used by a person carrying out a welding operation will be dark in color to absorb the blinding flash of the welding flame while safety glasses used by worker carrying out a wood cutting operation will be transparent and covering the eye from all sides, so as to protect the eye from the wood dust.