Road Marking

Road Marking

Road Marking

Road marking in car parks and in highways  comes in different shapes and sizes. To complete these jobs fast and efficient you need the right equipment. By choosing a line striper that is versatile and easy-to-use, your road striping assignments will be finished in no-time and with the highest line quality. Read our tips and tricks for painting road marking, parking lot lines and more.

Pavement marking, road marking and parking lot striping have something in common: they all call for a powerful line striper with some designated features like a multi-gun setup and automatic/semi-automatic gun control. Since most of the road marking and parking lot striping jobs tend to be big projects, an engine-powered line striper is preferred.

Road marking

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Pavement and road marking tips:

  • Pavement marking standards: Every country has its own set of rules and standards regarding road and pavement marking. If you want to make a chance for big road marking projects, you must be able to spray all line types and symbols in accordance with these regulations. In practice this means you will need a multi-gun, multi-colour setup. A line striper with automatic gun control, for instance, makes it easy to spray skip lines with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Curb marking: One of the challenges in pavement marking projects is the marking of curbs. Having two surfaces in a 90° angle, the spraying of a curb asks for a special gun setup.

    Painting pavement markings and road markings

    One of the most important aspects of a safe and efficient roadway is the uniform application of pavement markings to delineate the roadway path and specific traffic lanes.

    • Reflective road markings: Retroreflective lane markings asks for special kinds of material that contain glass beads. To apply these glass beads your line striper needs a pressurized bead tank, like the Graco Linelazer HP reflective series. With an adjustable nozzle you can regulate the width of the bead dispensing system for more accuracy.


    Striping parking lot lines

    Parking lot markings guide people safely around the parking lot. Stop bars, pedestrian crossings, speed limit warnings, loading-zone markings and accurately marked pickup areas inform pedestrians and drivers where and how to walk and drive.

    Parking lot striping tips:

    • Big line diversity: The markings in a parking lot are very diverse so you will need a versatile line striper that makes it easy to switch between spraying solid lines, double lines, wide lines, multicolour lines, stencils, etc. A line striper with multiple guns is a necessity for parking lot striping.
    • Maximize space: Property owners want to get as much cars as possible into their parking lot. The right layout helps to meet this goal. A line striper with auto-layout system, like the Graco Linelazer HP series, has on-board software that will automatically place dots on the ground. All you have to do is connect the dots to create a parking lot with as much parking spaces as possible. Say goodbye to the hassle of calculating distances!
    • Designated parking spaces: Before you start spraying lines, it is important to consider if the parking lot needs designated spaces for disabled persons, customers, employees, visitors, etc. Use stencils to clearly mark these spaces. For this purpose an additional spray gun is an indispensable accessory for your line striper.