Automatic Sliding/Swing Gate demand flexible automation that is able to manage different frame dimensions, different types of duty and different environmental conditions, whilst always ensuring maximum operational safety,functioningand reliability.
The new range of GEAR TECH Automatic sliding/Swing Gate satisfies various private requirements.
When selecting the motor, the main factor to consider is the weight and, depending on the case, the length of the wing.

– residential case used for 400kg upto 1400 kg versions
– commercial used for 1500kg upto4000 kg versions



GEAR TECH Swing Gates for residential and commercial buildings application often require an automation to ensure long lasting, highly reliable gate operation, as well as to perfectly blend in with the look of the gate. Smart yet simple design fully meets these requirements and can also be used with any type of modern or period gates



Main gate is the entry point enclosed by walls. For controlling entry and exit, main gates are established at the entry point of the house. Our Country houses are filled with some exceptional and modern entry gate designs. The main gates provide a beautiful and stylish welcome to the guests with mesmerizing designs. There are different types of materials used for the construction of main gate. The Pakistani main gate design mainly consists of grills of unique shapes and shades.

Iron/ steel main gate
Aluminium main gate
Sliding main gate
Wooden main gate
Designer main gates