Ear Plugs/Ear Muffs

Ear Plugs/Ear Muffs

The main advantage of Ear Plugs or Hearing Protection Earmuffs is the level of protection they provide. Because they fit directly into the ear canal, ear plugs offer greater protection than ear muffs. This means that ear plugs are suitable when you need the highest levels of protection, for instance in very loud workplaces such as factories, airports, and foundries.

Ear plugs or Hearing Protection Earmuffs are also very light and easy to carry. Because they are small, they can be carried in specially designed cases which easily fit into a pocket. Ear muffs, however, are more difficult to carry and protect, making them more cumbersome for workers.

If you need to wear other types of PPE, then ear plugs are probably the best choice. Because ear plugs fit comfortably into the ear canal, it is easy to wear them with other types of PPE. This makes ear plugs a great choice for anyone who has to wear helmets and safety glasses.

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One of the main advantages of ear muffs is that they are easy to fit. They do not need to be specifically prepared, and can simply be put over the head. This makes them ideal for intermittent use, and especially suitable for work in construction and landscaping work.

Because they are easy to fit, Ear Muffs provide a consistent and reliable fit. This means that you can be sure that the protection wearers are getting meets the listed protection for the ear muff. This is important where workers may not be able to always properly fit ear plugs.

In cooler climates, ear muffs are often more comfortable for workers for wear hearing protection for long periods of time. However in warmer climates, you may find that ear plugs are more comfortable, as ear muffs can be warm and humid.

Ear Muffs Specification

  •  small and easily carried
  •  easy to use and store
  •  more protection at lower
  • frequencies than ear-muffs
  • various noise reduction ratings available
  • inexpensive, therefore cheap to buy
    and replace
  • can be custom-moulded for individual
  • convenient to use with other personal
    protective equipment such as safety glasses
  •  comfortable to wear for longer periods
    especially in hot and humid